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New Lifebook intern: Charlotte

My name is Charlotte Katanaev, I am 24 years old an I am a master student at the University of Utrecht. I am also the new intern for Lifebook for You(th). My interest in the internship offered by Lifebook for Youth stems from my desire to help children find a way of finding positive experiences. When this is done they can find their own power and build up their self-esteem. In my youth I lived in various countries with different cultures. Due to these circumstances I experienced changing situations a lot. I found that by writing my experiences in a journal I was able to cope with the changes. By writing and reading my notes I could view them from a different perspective, which helped me learn from them. During my internship I will help the Board organise the conference in Croatia. For my thesis I will conduct a procesevaluation which will help substantiate the theory behind Lifebook for You(th). I am looking forward to working with this organisation and I hope to meet you all at the conference!

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