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Positive psychology

It should give them a new and expanded view of their past, from which they can draw strength and confidence for their future.The process and the outcome of our first projects with children have been overwhelming. The children were enthusiastic and seriously involved, so much so that not even a swimming trip to the sea, could lure them away from their Lifebooks.

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The children expressed enormous gratitude for the opportunity to talk about their lives in a protected environment. Although the Lifebook has an exclusive focus on positive aspects many painful memories were also expressed. The experience that one doesn’t have to deal alone with oppressive elements of one’s past, being able to express those and the feeling of being supported gave the children inner strength. We could actually see how the children grew and carried their Lifebook around with pride and radiation at the end of our work. That’s why we think our Lifebook is worth sharing!


Children and young people with a painful and difficult past are often ashamed for their history and their family of origin. Their deep-seated pain and shame affect their self-esteem and make it additionally harder for them to develop into healthy, strong and self-determined individuals.

Our main focus for Lifebook is to make children aware of all their positive aspects and characteristics, nice events as well as good encounters with people in their lives and to let them feel them as their own forces and resources.

"I was better connected with the children, because we shared something special during the Lifebook sessions. I felt secure with a good manual, prepared materials

and structural frame for the work with children".

Lifebook Coach from Serbia

Our Mission

Our Mission

Lifebook is giving children a new and expanded view of the past, drawing strength and confidence for their future.

Our Vision

Soon online!

Meet the team


Herma Ooms

Board member Lifebook for Youth

Main topics: Netherlands, methodology, quality improvement

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Marisa van Marwijk

Treasurer Lifebook for Youth

Main topics: events, fundraising

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Alma Bezemer

Secretary Lifebook for Youth

Main topics: trainers, international training courses

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Martine Tobé

Advisor of the board




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