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Step 1: Finding a partner organisation

Lifebook for Youth works alongside local organisations at national level. The partner organisation is responsible for planning, translating Lifebooks and the manaual, printing Lifebooks and selecting two local candidate trainers. 


Step 2: Fundraising

In co-operation with the partner organisation, Lifebook for Youth starts fundraising for the Lifebook project (training 15 Lifebook coaches & distributing 200 Lifebooks).


Step 3: Signing agreement on co-operation

As soon as the funds are raised, an official co-operation agreement between Lifebook for Youth and the partner organisation will be signed.


Step 4: Training social workers as Lifebook Coaches

A first group of 15 - 20 local social workers will be trained as Lifebook Coaches. Training focuses on biographical work and experiental learning.  Every coach will get an official Lifebook for Youth manual. After the training, social workers are ready to offer children and teenagers a high quality of supervision.


Step 5: Working with children

During the training, each new Lifebook Coach will receive 10-15 Lifebooks to start working with children. 



Step 6: Evaluation and second training

After the evaluation of the training, a second training session will take place, with a further 15 social workers trained and 200 Lifebooks distributed. This training will be led by the local candidate trainers, under the supervision of one of Lifebook for Youth’s master trainers.


Step 7: Certifying the partner organization

After two successful training sessions the partner organisation will be certified as the official supplier of Lifebook for Youth in their country. Candidate trainers will be certified as Lifebook for Youth trainers and can continue to train social as Lifebook Coaches.

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