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Lifebook for Youth launches a free "My Quarantine Book" for children

We live in difficult and uncertain times. Everyone stays at home as much as possible. Children no longer go to school and borders are closed.

Lifebook for Youth launches “My Quarantine Book” today. This booklet is a meaningful and fun activity for NOW and a valuable reminder for LATER. The booklet is suitable for children aged 6 to 14 years and it can be downloaded free of charge from

“Now that our regular activities such as training courses and group work with children are put on hold, we, partly inspired by the diary of Anne Frank, quickly set to work to do our bit during this crisis. Just like the regular Lifebook, “My Quarantine Book” is focused on positivity,” states Marlies van Oorschot, chairman of the foundation.

The foundation Lifebook for Youth, which normally focuses on biographical work with children and young people in groups, has been active since 2010 in the Netherlands, South Africa, Bulgaria, Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia, Kenya and Lebanon, among other countries, and hopes that this new project will contribute to a fun leisure activity for children who are obliged to stay at home. Children can work independently with "My Quarantaine Book" and are free to "pimp" the simply designed book to their own liking. Furthermore, it is an ideal tool to exchange experiences about this period with other children once they return to school.

Van Oorschot states, "The book is already available in English, Dutch and French. We are still working on a Spanish version and hope that organizations and people will embrace the idea and contribute by translating the book themselves. We will ensure that these new versions can be downloaded within two working days."

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